Heart Fairies (2024), Apothecary Archive

Heart Fairies (2024)

About this book

“In this little black book, Wart shares, for the first time, complete versions of two of her favourite “drawings with words” series, ‘Heart Fairies’ and ‘Fallopian Way’, both made in the 1980s. In 1988-89, the first six ‘Heart Fairies’ appeared in Ian Milliss’ magazine 7 Days, and in the 1990s, a selection from ‘Fallopian Way’ was published as ‘Inside the Fibreoptic Page Three Girl’ in Rosie Cross’s feminist zine, geekgirl. Now, almost forty years on, readers can savour in their entirety these precious wisdoms about entanglements of the heart, and fertility management.” —- From the foreword by Anne Loxley

What people are saying about the book

“Wart’s ‘Heart Fairies’ is a series of comic illustrations from the 1980s that addresses the politics of sexual health and reproduction politics against the backdrop of the HIV/AIDS crisis. By re-presenting this time capsule four decades later, along with Anne Loxley’s commissioned essay, Wart speaks to the times by revealing how these issues continue to be weaponised, especially for women and minorities.” —- Daniel Mudie Cunningham

Heart Fairies is available now through Apothecary Archive

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