Noisy Words promo
Photo by Jackie Wolf

Noisy Words (2023)

Wart and Tina have been collaborating over the last year. Wart is an artist, performer and poet. Tina is a visual artist, performer, filmmaker and musician. Together they are NOISY WORDS. The duo first performed for the exhibition There’s a crack in everything at Wollongong Art Gallery and for the Cementa 10 year anniversary party. Wart recently produced her first book of word works, writing and drawings called Past Wents (2022), published by Apothecary Archive. Four of these works come to life with raucous racket.

A short burst of collaborative Mind Sound / Sound Mind.  

Tina Havelock Stevens and Wart perform for the opening of There’s a crack in everything, Wollongong Art Gallery, 2022 (precursor to Noisy Words)
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